Retailer Support

The most important brand in your store is your own – this is the mantra that runs through our entire approach and that is central to our customers’ sales success.  Our retailer-centred marketing support focuses your customers’ attention on creating the “family jeweller” bond with you, unfettered and undiluted by brand names that detract from the relationship with your business.

Chief amongst the retailer-branded materials we offer is ConfigureRing, our in-store sales app.  The web-based system, best used on an iPad or similar tablet device, allows retail staff to take a live ring and present the thousands of design possibilities we can produce for you, then quote an instant price.  Our just-in-time manufacturing then ensures quick delivery without the need for large, expensive stock holdings.  Contact us if you’d like to see a trial version of ConfigureRing using your branding.

Surrounding the ConfigureRing experience we incorporate our retail customers’ branding within a range of marketing materials to support the entire purchase process including customised displays, advertising layouts, brochurettes, and a wedding ring sample case.  High resolution jewellery imagery is also available for online or print promotion.