Let your customer perfect the ring of her dreams, instantly, in your store.

Supplement a relatively modest stock of core bridal rings with almost 50,000, easy-to-implement personalisation options which can be presented to customers – in their virtual form – in-store on your own desktop, laptop or an IPad-style tablet.

– Enhanced shopping experience. 
While trying on a real ring, customers can watch on screen what it would look like in a different coloured alloy, a couple of millimetres thicker or thinner, or with the addition of diamonds, engraving or a satin-brushed finish.

– Tested to ensure satisfaction.
Unlike a ‘blank-sheet’ approach, the personalisation options are guaranteed to work both technically and aesthetically.

– Extremely easy-to-use.
Intuitive interface means training can focus on how to secure a purchasing commitment.

– Personalised to reinforce YOUR branding.

– Links with
Once a purchasing commitment is made, place the order instantly with Stubbs&Co.

ConfigureRing is offered as part of our complete wedding ring programme in-store solution. Contact us for a demonstration.

The best thing about ConfigureRing is that it makes the pieces feel bespoke but it is set up in such a way that the sales assistant simply can’t make a mistake and quote for something that then can’t be made, so there is absolutely no chance of disappointing customers.
April Lavers, Heming