William & Son

William & Son is very proud to be working with a company with such refreshingly high standards. The quality of their work is particularly impressive, only a minority of workshops today push to the levels of perfection that Stubbs&Co. obtains.
Clemence Merat
Laings of Glasgow
Stubbs&Co. collections have been immensely popular and are always delivered with the highest standards in craftsmanship and efficiency. We have found Stubbs&Co. willingness to help drive our sales forward as a lesson in how suppliers should work with retailers.
Stuart Laing
Stubbs&Co.’s popular, beautifully-made bridal rings, the excellent ConfigureRing sales tool and their team’s quick, efficient production and delivery, have brought added commercial vigour to our bridal range.
David Gillow
W. E. Clark & Son
In the ferociously competitive wedding ring market, Stubbs&Co.’s superior quality, flexibility, fast delivery and innovative marketing support has given us a profit generating edge over our rivals.
David Clark